Linda Chu

Alpha Shen Preschool
Monterey Park, California
Linda Chu, School Director

Like many of you, the decision to reopen was a difficult one to make.  There are precautionary measures you must consider and meet before reopening.  For me, “safety” for the children and staff was far most the important of all.

Alpha-Shen Preschool & Kindergarten closed on March 17. right at the start of the Pandemic.  It was the hardest decision I had to make but a safe one.  It was not until July 5th, we reopened with the “New” normal safety procedures. There were so many things to consider and especially keeping CDC guidelines in mind before reopening.  It was a lot of work and it felt as if I was opening a whole new school.

Our new safety measures include temperature check in and out, daily health screening questions for the parents, hand washing and shoe sanitizing before entering the school, wiping down water bottles and back packs with Clorox wipes before bringing them inside and of course, social distancing.  We even invested in plexi glass for all the desks in our 5 classrooms.  Hand sanitizing pumps are installed throughout the school for teachers and constant handwashing for our students.  Everything was thought out to the smallest detail.  I made sure both students and teachers are safe in school and parents feel safe while their child was at school.

The big day…July 5th, Alpha-Shen Preschool & Kindergarten reopen to our families.  Enrollment was very low as parents are still scared.  Our students range from 3-5 years old and they have been absolutely inspirational! I was so surprised to see how fast and well they adapted to our new safety guidelines.  They wear their masks throughout day except for meals and nap time.  Not one complaint from the students about wearing their masks. They talk, sing, laugh and play with their masks on.  They simply “loved” to be back at school with their friends and teachers.  The pandemic may have taken many school days away from our students but it painted a picture of “inspiration” and “strength” at my school.

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