Georgia Assessment Letter 2

July 30, 2001

Honorable Linda C. Schrenko
Georgia Department of Education
Twin Towers East
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-5001

Dear Superintendent Schrenko:

This letter is in response to your request for a two-year waiver of the timeline to complete Georgia’s final assessment system under Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

In order to receive approval of its final assessment, Georgia needs to expand its definition of adequate yearly progress (AYP); to provide for disaggregation of test data to include students who are limited English proficient, socioeconomically disadvantaged, or migrant; and to develop a template that allows reporting of disaggregated assessment results. We understand that these components are under development and that you expect to complete them by the fall of 2001.

One component of the final assessment system that Georgia will not complete by fall is a series of high school tests. These will replace the current Georgia High School Graduation Test, and consists of eight tests in the content areas of English, mathematics, science and social studies. We understand that it will take approximately two years for Georgia to complete development of these assessments, with the first administration scheduled for the spring of 2003.

In consideration of the scope of work associated with development of the end-of-course tests (EOCT), and Georgia’s demonstrated commitment to developing an aligned assessment system that promotes State and district accountability, I hereby approve your request for a waiver of the timeline for completion of the final assessment system. The waiver will expire on June 30, 2003. We expect that Georgia will oversee the EOCT design and development process to ensure compliance with all Title I requirements related to alignment and technical quality, and that you will provide quarterly progress updates, beginning August 1, 2001, to the Department.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Susan B. Neuman Ed.D.
Assistant Secretary

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