Evidence Based Practices


The Evidence-Based Practices Team, headed by the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Evidence-Based Practices and State and Grantee Relations, identifies and promotes effective practices for internal and external stakeholders to support academic and program excellence; ensures educational opportunities and equity for all children; and improves the quality of teaching and learning.

Selected Responsibilities

  • Develops and plans the design of grant programs to ensure alignment with Department’s priorities;
  • Develops policy based on the identification of quality, performance and effective practices;
  • Disseminates effective practices; and
  • Participates in the management of grants in the areas of assessment of performance and technical assistance design.
  • Serves as the subject matter experts in cross-cutting areas (e.g., “teachers and leaders,” “turning around low-performing schools,” “engaging families and communities,” “charter schools,” “magnet schools,” “student recruitment,” “student retention,” “data collection,” “evaluation design” or “place-based strategies”);
  • Coordinates with the Offices of Discretionary Grants and Contracts as well as the Office of Formula Grants in the creation policy agendas that are responsive to current research, educational trends, and programmatic and grantee needs; Engages intentionally with key external stakeholders to gain relevant and practical understanding of the issues, challenges, and opportunities;
  • Collaborates with State and Grantee Relations Team and Offices of Discretionary Grants and Contracts and Office of Formula Grants, keeping abreast of state initiatives, policy decisions, and the political landscape to inform work with grantees;
  • Improves capacity within the organization to better understand research and evidence-based practices to drive the work and support targeted and rigorous technical assistance;
  • Collaborates with State and Grantee Relations Team and Grants Management Teams, networking, coalition-building, and creating partnerships to share knowledge about what works in order to ensure quality, performance and effective practices;
  • Disseminates effective practices to internal and external stakeholders;
  • Optimizes the stewardship of taxpayer dollars by creating processes for continuous improvement and rethinking how we can more efficiently and effectively do our work; and
  • Builds direct relationships with teachers, principals, and other educators across the country to work together to inform the Department about the concerns of teachers and principals and serve as resources of information about the Department for the public.

Contact Information

  • Vacant
    Office of State and Grantee Relations and Evidence Based Practices
    U.S. Department of Education. OESE
    400 Maryland Ave., SW
    Washington D.C. 20202