Connecticut Assessment Letter 2

December 12, 2000

Dr. Theodore Sergi
Commissioner of Education
Connecticut Department of Education
165 Capitol Avenue
Room 305, State Office Building
Hartford, Connecticut 06106-1630

Dear Commissioner Sergi:

It has been a pleasure working with you and your staff during the review process for Connecticut’s final assessment system under the Title I. I appreciate your cooperation in making the changes in your assessment system that are necessary to meet the requirements of Section 1111(b)(3) and 1116(a) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

The sample reports provided by your office confirm that you have already taken action to implement the modifications we requested for the school report cards.

We understand that it will take some time to complete your plans for revised legislation in support of expanded participation of limited English proficient students in the assessment system. In addition, your plan to conduct data analyses to support final decisions regarding the numerical basis for school accountability is both prudent and consistent with the emphasis on quality that has been a hallmark of the Connecticut assessment system. Because these plans will take additional time, I agree to grant a one-year waiver of the timeline for completion of Connecticut’s final assessment system. Full approval will be extended upon completion of the above actions as described in your letter of October 27 to Mary Jean LeTendre.

Please provide evidence of completion to the Title I office by December 1, 2001. This evidence may take the form of enacted legislation, board approval of revised accountability procedures, sample reports, or other documents that demonstrate the changes have been made. To obtain interim documentation of your progress, a Title I staff member will contact Dr. Hughes during the coming year.

I am confident that Connecticut will continue to advance state and local education improvement efforts, to improve student achievement, and to maintain strong accountability for results. We wish you well in your efforts to improve school and student performance in your state.


Michael Cohen

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