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Leveraging Evidence-Based Practices for Local School Improvement

Evidence-based practices (EBPs) – which include activities, strategies, and interventions – are “derived from or informed by objective evidence—most commonly, educational research or metrics of school, teacher, and student performance” (Glossary of Education Reform 2016(link is external)). Using, generating, and sharing evidence gives stakeholders an important tool to accelerate student learning. By using rigorous and […]


Identify and capture key questions that need to be answered, to ensure the needs assessment is a success at the local level. Research-Based Element Process Content Presentation Diverse and rigorous data Needs-driven, context-specific data collection Stakeholder engagement Collaborative identification of improvement needs

Collaborative Technical Assistance Directory

In 2018, the Building State Capacity and Productivity (BSCP) Center launched the Comprehensive Center Network (CCN) portal, which describes all current technical assistance opportunities by topic area and by state. Although state educational agency (SEA) officials may use the CCN portal to learn about current technical assistance opportunities and potential state contacts by topic area, […]

*New* Implementation Path handout _ March 2018

This handout is based on materials developed for Scaling Needs Assessment Learning Cycle 3, when we discussed the purpose, desired outcomes, and an implementation pathway for comprehensive needs assessment with phases and milestones. Thanks to the CA team for requesting this content be turned into a handout! implementation_path_handout_final.pdf

States Leading for Equity: Promising Practices Advancing the Equity Commitments

Hello CoP-  While our virtual sessions are complete, the learning as well as access to new resources continues! Here is a February 2018 resource from America’s Promise Alliance, Aspen Institute, and CCSSO entited, “States Leading for Equity: Promising Practices Advancing the Equity Commitments“: If anything jumps out, feel free to add a comment below […]

LC1 Post-Work Assignment: Brainstorm

learning_cycle_1_postwork_key_qs_for_developing_a_needs_assessment.docx Instructions: 1. Watch the <4 minute video on the 3 Organizing Principles: <> 2. Please click the Learning Cycle 1 post-work file to the right (in the gray sidebar to the right) to download the worksheet. With your team, discuss the 4 Success Elements from LC1 (needs-driven, diverse and rigorous data, statekholder engagement, and collaborative identification […]