News Posts: Competitive Grants for State Assessments – Title I-B competitive

For Competitions in 2010 and Earlier Years (March 2010)

For Competitions in 2010 and Earlier Years (March 2010) 1. The Application Process 1. What is the purpose of the Enhanced Assessment Grants? The purpose of these grants is to support state activities designed to improve the quality, validity, and reliability of state academic assessments beyond the requirements for such assessments described in section 1111(b)(3) […]


Awarded through a competition in 2022 Abstracts for 2022 Competitive Grant Awards View the full applications in 2022 Lead State Award Amount Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education $2,145,418 Hawaii Department of Education $2,998,466 Illinois State Board of Education $3,000,000 Kentucky Department of Education $3,000,000 Louisiana Department of Education $2,943,173 Louisiana Department of Education […]


Maryland State Department of Education Abstract – Enhanced Assessment Instruments Grants Program—Kindergarten Entry Assessment Competition Overview of the proposed project The proposed Consortium of seven States (Connecticut, Indiana, Maryland [fiscal agent], Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, and Ohio) and three partner organizations (WestEd, the Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education, and the University of Connecticut’s […]


Kansas State Department of Education Abstract Accessibility of Technology-Enhanced Assessments (ATEA) The ATEA project will investigate the accessibility of technology-enhanced item and task types for students with vision and/or motor disabilities. These students are among the most difficult to accommodate on computer assessment systems. Historical accommodations include alternate forms, such as Braille or large print […]

FY 2009

Arizona Department of Education An Examination of the Relative Contributions of the Four Language Modalities to English Language Proficiency: Implications for Assessment and Instruction Across Grade Spans and Proficiency Levels This consortium of six states — Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, and Utah — led by Arizona, in partnership with WestEd and Pacific Metrics, […]


District of Columbia The Development of Alternate English Language Proficiency Assessment Procedures for English Language Learners with Significant Disabilities The Washington, DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), on behalf of the 17-state World-class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) Consortium, proposes to develop and implement a feasible, accessible, valid, and efficient standards-based English […]

FY 2006

Connecticut Establishing the Validity of Test Accommodations and Score Interpretations for Special Education Students: A Collaboration of State-based Research      NCLB requires that states offer accommodations on the grade level assessment so that the test is accessible to as many special education students as possible. However, little research has been conducted on the validity of accommodated […]

FY 2005

Delaware Implementing and Improving Comprehensive and Balanced Learning and Assessment Systems for Success in High School Success and Beyond: A Collaborative Project of Ten State Departments of Education, the Council of Chief State School Officers, the University of Pennsylvania Consortium for Policy Research in Education, Edvantia, and the Educational Testing Service      This ten-state collaborative, led […]

FY 2003

New Hampshire Knowing What Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities Know: Defining and Disseminating Technical Criteria for Alternate Assessments through a Research and Practice Partnership      States and testing companies have struggled to identify technically adequate but educationally sound methods of assessing the small group of students with significant cognitive disabilities for federal accountability purposes. Typically, experts […]

FY 2002

Colorado Enhancing the Assessments of Students with Disabilities: A Proposal for a Multi-State Special Education Collaborative Abstract The Colorado Department of Education is submitting this proposal as the lead agency for a Special Education Assessment Collaborative. The Collaborative is comprised of states and not-for profit organizations who desire to improve how students with complex disabilities […]