News Posts: Small Rural School Achievement

Funding Status

Note: This program is funded as part of a set-aside from the appropriation for Title I grants. Under the set-aside, up to $5 million is reserved for a program of discretionary grants to local educational agencies (LEAs) in the Outlying Areas and the Republic of Palau. Under ESSA, beginning in FY 2017, the Republic of Palau […]

State Flexibility Demonstration Program

Program Office: Office of School Support and Technology Programs The State Flexibility Authority program (State-Flex) is a program that authorizes the Secretary to grant flexibility authority to up to seven eligible State educational agencies (SEAs). With this authority, an SEA may (1) consolidate and use certain Federal funds reserved for State administration and State-level activities […]

Subpart 1 – Small, Rural School Achievement Program

  SEC. 6211 |  SEC. 6212 |  SEC. 6213 SEC. 6211. USE OF APPLICABLE FUNDING. (a) ALTERNATIVE USES- (1) IN GENERAL- Notwithstanding any other provision of law, an eligible local educational agency may use the applicable funding that the agency is eligible to receive from the State educational agency for a fiscal year to carry out local […]

SRSA Eligibility

Below is the link to the current version of the REAP Master Eligibility Spreadsheet. Please review the information and contact your REAP State Coordinator with updates. Click Here: Fiscal Year 2024 Master Eligibility Spreadsheet  Please note that if your LEA has submitted a request to update its primary contact or other LEA information, it may […]

Eligibility Spreadsheets FY 2017

  To view the list of districts eligible for the Small Rural School Achievement (SRSA) grant and the Rural Low-Income Schools (RLIS) grant, open the Excel file below.   To view the list of local education agencies that have been identified as eligible for the Small Rural School Achievement (SRSA) grant and the Rural Low-Income […]

Eligibility Spreadsheets FY 2016

  To review the list of districts eligible for the Small Rural School Achievement program, open the Excel file below for your state, find the tabs at the bottom of the workbook, and select the tab labeled SRSA. Note: These spreadsheets do not reflect any locale code tests requested by states on behalf of districts. […]

SRSA Performance

Monitoring Purpose The Rural Education Achievement Program is committed to supporting LEAs as they implement Federal grant programs. Part of this commitment includes implementing a monitoring process designed to not only address REAP’s responsibilities for fiscal and programmatic oversight, but to also identify areas in which LEAs need assistance and support to meet their goals […]

Small, Rural School Achievement Program

The purpose of the Small, Rural School Achievement (SRSA) program is to provide rural local educational agencies (LEAs) with financial assistance to fund initiatives aimed at improving student academic achievement. LEAs are entitled to funds if they meet basic eligibility and application requirements. Awards are issued annually, and award amounts are determined using a formula. […]

SRSA Applicant Information

The fiscal year (FY) 2024 Small, Rural School Achievement (SRSA) grant application deadline is May 10, 2024. Steps for Applying for an SRSA Grant: Obtain a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) if your LEA does not already have one. An LEA can obtain a UEI for free through the System for Award Management ( website. If […]