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Considerations for Dual-Eligible LEAs

A dual-eligible local educational agency (LEA) in the Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP) is an LEA that meets the eligibility requirements for both REAP grants in a given fiscal year. Eligibility information for each grant is available on the grant’s eligibility page on the REAP website: Small, Rural School Achievement (SRSA) Eligibility and Rural and […]

Considerations for Dual Eligible LEAs

RLIS and SRSA TOPIC RLIS SRSA Alternative use of funds authority[1] Dual-eligible LEAs may participate All eligible LEAs may participate Award disbursement State Educational Agencies (SEAs) disburse RLIS funds to LEAs U.S. Department of Education (ED) disburses SRSA funds to LEAs Technical Assistance (TA) SEAs provide TA to RLIS grantees ED provided technical assistance to […]

Section 427 of the General Education Provision Act

Section 427 of the General Education Provisions Act (GEPA) requires U.S. Department of Education (Department) grantees, such as the Small, Rural School Achievement program (SRSA) grantees, to describe the steps the grantee will take to ensure equitable access to, and participation in, the Federally-assisted program by addressing the special needs of students, teachers, and other […]

Subpart 2 – Rural and Low-Income School Program

  SEC. 6221 |  SEC. 6222 |  SEC. 6223 |  SEC. 6224 SEC. 6221. PROGRAM AUTHORIZED. (a) GRANTS TO STATES- (1) IN GENERAL- From amounts appropriated under section 6234 for this subpart for a fiscal year that are not reserved under subsection (c), the Secretary shall award grants (from allotments made under paragraph (2)) for the fiscal year […]

Subpart 1 – Small, Rural School Achievement Program

  SEC. 6211 |  SEC. 6212 |  SEC. 6213 SEC. 6211. USE OF APPLICABLE FUNDING. (a) ALTERNATIVE USES- (1) IN GENERAL- Notwithstanding any other provision of law, an eligible local educational agency may use the applicable funding that the agency is eligible to receive from the State educational agency for a fiscal year to carry out local […]

FY 2016 LEAs Eligible for the Rural Low-Income School Program

  To review the list of districts eligible for the Rural and Low-Income School program, open the Excel file below for your state, find the tabs at the bottom of the workbook, and select the tab labeled RLIS. Alabama > MS Excel (231k) Alaska > MS Excel (165K) Arkansas > MS Excel (421K) Arizona > […]

RLIS Eligibility

Below is the link to the current version of the REAP Master Eligibility Spreadsheet. Please review the information and contact your REAP State Coordinator with updates. Click Here: Fiscal Year 2024 Master Eligibility Spreadsheet Please note that if your LEA has submitted a request to update its primary contact or other LEA information, it may […]

RLIS Applicant Information

How to apply for an RLIS grant (for SEAs) The Rural and Low-Income School Program is a state-administered formula program.  SEAs apply for RLIS through the consolidated state application or a program-specific application. How to apply for an RLIS sub-grant (for LEAs) Eligible LEAs apply directly to their state for RLIS funds. The application process […]

Rural Education State Program Coordinators

  Alabama | Alaska | Arizona | Arkansas | California | Colorado Connecticut | Delaware | Florida | Georgia | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota | Mississippi | Missouri | Montana | Nebraska | Nevada | New […]

5/23-5/24 Safe & Supportive Schools Webinar Event: “Implementing New Programs—The Impact of Current Practice”

The Safe and Supportive Schools Technical Assistance Center (SSSTA), supported by the Office of Safe and Healthy Students in the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, announces its next Implementation Webinar Series event, “Implementing New Programs—The Impact of Current Practice.” It will be offered twice to accommodate schedules: Session 1: Wednesday, May 23, 2012, 4:00 […]