News Posts: College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)

Awards –> FY 2016

  CAMP Awards Funded PR Award Number Recipient State Obligated Amount S149A160001 PDF (15M) Central Washington University WA $424,999.00 S149A160003 PDF (11M) Treasure Valley Community College OR $424,585.00 S149A160004 PDF (12M) West Texas A&M University TX $365,502.00 S149A160005 PDF (13M) Crowder College MO $421,200.00 S149A160006 PDF (10M) Fort Scott Community College KS $421,589.00 S149A160007 PDF […]

Services to Students

A CAMP project provides services to assist participants in completing their first year of college, to assure the success of the participants in meeting the project’s objectives, and in succeeding in an academic program of study at the Institute of Higher Education (IHE). The types of allowable services include: Outreach and recruitment services to eligible […]


The National High School Equivalency Program (HEP) and College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) Association is dedicated to ensuring that migrant and farmworker youths have access to earning GEDs and postsecondary education opportunities. The National HEP-CAMP Association Web Page provides general information about the HEP and CAMP programs as well as links to individual directors of […]

Performance Reporting and Evaluation

Annual Performance Reporting allows programs to determine the overall effectiveness in meeting program goals and objectives, including performance measures 1 and 2 (formerly known as GPRAs 1 and 2) and efficiency targets. Program evaluation allows programs to: 1) provide data on performance measures 1 and 2 and efficiency targets; 2) determine at what level of […]


HEP / CAMP Reports to Congress        2022 Report to Congress PDF (417 KB) 2020 Report to Congress PDF (450 KB) 2018 Report to Congress PDF (272 KB) 2016 Report to Congress PDF (235 KB) CAMP Grantee Profiles 2018 APR Profiles MS EXCEL (52 KB) 2017 APR Profiles MS EXCEL (55 KB) 2016 […]

Meeting Materials

Annual Director’s Meeting July 31 – August 2, 2017 ● Washington, DC 2016 HEP Results (PowerPoint , 188KB) 2016 CAMP Results (PowerPoint, 179KB) 2017 ADM HEP Annual Performance Report (PowerPoint, 4.2MB) 2017 ADM CAMP Annual Performance Report (PowerPoint, 2.6MB) Budgets – Little Tips That Matter (PowerPoint, 230 KB) HEP and CAMP Policy: Review and Looking […]

Legislation, Regulations, and Guidance

Legislation 1998 Amendments to the Higher Education Act of 1965 The Higher Education Opportunity Act (2008) Regulations Program Regulations Program Regulations are found at 34 CFR 206. Department Regulations The Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) also apply. CAMP Non-Regulatory Guidance Non-Regulatory Guidance on HEP and CAMP Recruitment and Eligibility Non-Regulatory Guidance on Allowable Services […]

Grant Management and Monitoring

Monitoring is an integral part of the Department of Education’s grant administration and oversight. The end goal of the Department’s monitoring is to promote the efficient and effective achievement of the program objectives. These objectives are in support the Department’s mission to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and […]

Funding Status

To learn more about the President’s Budget Request and Congressional actions, visit the Department’s budget homepage here.

Financial Management

The Department of Education requires its grantees to maintain adequate financial management systems. An adequate financial system is one that enables the grantee to accurately identify the source and disbursement of all funds for federally sponsored activities. To ensure transparency and compliance with the terms of the grant, grantees must retain records of their financial […]