The FY 2019 competition has closed. The Overview of the Competition provides highlights of the review process and funded applications.

FY 2019 Education Innovation and Research (EIR) Competitions


FY 2019 Education Innovation and Research (EIR) Competition Announcement

On February 1, 2019, the U.S. Department of Education published in the Federal Register, three notices inviting applications for the Education Innovation and Research Program’s Early-phase, Mid-phase, and Expansion competitions.


  • Deadline for Notice of Intent to Apply: February 21, 2019
  • Deadline for Transmittal of Applications: April 2, 2019
  • Deadline for Intergovernmental Review: June 3, 2019

Update: The EIR competitions have been reopened for certain eligible applicants affected by severe storms and flooding in parts of Iowa, Nebraska, and Alabama as well as areas impacted by the Ironworks Fire in New Mexico. For eligible entities in these Federally-declared disaster areas, the revised Deadline for Transmittal of Applications is April 23, 2019 and the revised deadline for Intergovernmental Review is June 24, 2019.

The following competition-specific Notices include additional details:

We are not reopening the application period for all applicants. Thus, applications from applicants not affected by the natural disasters referenced in this notice may not be submitted as part of this reopened period for submission of applications.

Application Materials for Early-phase, Mid-phase, and Expansion Competitions

Each application will be reviewed under the competition it was submitted under in the Grants.gov system, and only applications that are successfully submitted by the established deadline will be peer reviewed. Applicants should be careful that they download the intended EIR application package and to submit their applications under the intended EIR competition.

  • Early-phase Application Package PDF (755 KB)
  • Mid-phase Application Package PDF (823 KB)
  • Expansion Application Package PDF (826 KB)

Notice of Intent to Apply

Applicants are strongly encouraged to notify the Department of intent to submit an application for funding under the Education Innovation and Research Program (EIR). Please note that an entity that submits a notice of intent to apply is not obligated to apply for an EIR grant, nor is it bound to the information provided in its notice of intent to apply.

Eligibility Checklist Documents

This Eligibility Checklist document provides guidance on how applicants may consider documenting the eligibility requirements. Applicants may consider attaching their documentation for eligibility requirements to the SF 424 Form and Appendix F.

  • Applicant Eligibility Instructions—Early-phase Grants MS Word (74 KB)
  • Applicant Eligibility Instructions—Mid-phase Grants MS Word (72 KB)
  • Applicant Eligibility Instructions—Expansion Grants MS Word (72 KB)
  • Applicant Eligibility Instructions Example PDF (251 KB)

Evidence Checklist

This Evidence Requirements Checklist is intended to help applicants determine what studies to include on the Evidence Form with their application for the purposes of meeting the evidence requirement. Applicants can use the checklist as an informal worksheet to understand the evidence criteria used to review studies and learn about additional evidence-related resources available online.

  • Applicant Evidence Checklist—Mid-phase MS Word (60 KB)
  • Applicant Evidence Checklist—Expansion Grants MS Word (60 KB)

Pre-Application Webinar

On February 26, 2019, the Department hosted a webinar on how the EIR program supports STEM and Computer Science education under the Secretary’s Supplemental Priorities. You can access the recorded webinar using the following link: https://doed.webex.com/doed/ldr.php?RCID=db3324829a5767adcf8992c24cc43a68

Informational PowerPoints and Resources

These informational PowerPoints are meant to introduce you to the Education Innovation and Research (EIR) Program and will provide you with a general overview of the EIR program’s purposes, its three-tiered funding structure, and the three separate EIR grant competitions. The goal is to help you better understand the program and what you need to know to prepare a successful application.

If you are planning to apply to EIR, you should read carefully the specific notice inviting applications (NIA) and the specific application package for the competition to which you are applying. These slides are for information purposes only, and applicants should rely upon the NIA for the official competition requirements.

Informational PowerPoints Click on PowerPoints Below
1 Overview of EIR’s Three Competitions PowerPoint (918 KB)
2 Eligibility PowerPoint (976 KB)
3 Matching and Other General Requirements PowerPoint (983 KB)
4EP Early-phase Priorities and Evidence Requirement PowerPoint (976 KB)
4MP Mid-phase Priorities and Evidence Requirement PowerPoint (1 MB)
4EXP Expansion Priorities and Evidence Requirement PowerPoint (1 MB)
  • Understanding the Evidence Definitions Used for U. S. Department of Education Programs Presentation by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) that includes audio:   PowerPoint (11 MB)
  • Using the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) to Identify Strong or Moderate Evidence of Positive Effects from Education Interventions that includes audio:   PowerPoint (12 MB)
5EP Early-phase Selection Criteria and Scoring PowerPoint (1.1 KB)
5MP Mid-phase Selection Criteria and Scoring PowerPoint (1.4 KB)
5EXP Expansion Selection Criteria and Scoring PowerPoint (1.4 KB)
6 Preparing a Budget Narrative PowerPoint (954 KB)
7 Documents to Include in an Application PowerPoint (910 KB)
8 Applying in Grants.Gov PowerPoint (923 KB)