Archived Information Please note: The grant information below is for historical information only. The competition is closed. Please continue to visit our site for future competition information.

FY 2013 Competition

For copies of previously funded MSAP applications, please see the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Reading Room: The ten highest scoring applications from the FY 2010 competition and the eleven highest scoring applications from the FY 2007 competition are available as PDFs.

FY 2013 Notice Inviting Applications

Posted in the Federal Register on December 31, 2012 download files PDF download files HTML

FY 2013 MSAP Competition Timeline

Pre-Application Webinar: January 17, 2013

Deadline for Notice of Intent to Apply: January 30, 2013

Deadline for Transmittal of Applications: March 1, 2013

Deadline for Intergovernmental Review: April 30, 2013


The Department encourages individuals from various backgrounds and professions with content expertise to apply to be a peer reviewer for the FY 2013 MSAP Competition. If you are interested in serving as a peer reviewer for the FY 2013 MSAP Competition, please see the FY 2013 Call for Peer Reviewers download files MS Word (55KB), which describes the necessary qualifications. If you meet the necessary qualifications, please complete and submit the Peer Reviewer Checklist download files PDF (347KB) along with your resume to We are currently accepting new applications and are reviewing those that we have received.

Pre-Application Webinar

The MSAP team hosted a webinar on January 17, 2013, for entities interested in submitting an FY 2013 application. The webinar provided an opportunity for interested applicants to submit questions during the live presentation. Here is the PowerPoint download files PPT (2MB) that was presented during the webinar. Below, you will find the link to the audio recording of the webinar:

FY 2013 Notice of Intent to Apply

Applicants were strongly encouraged to notify the U.S. Department of Education of the applicant’s intent to submit an application for funding by completing a web-based form. An entity may submit an application even if they did not submit a notice of intent to apply. The deadline to submit the intent to apply was January 30, 2013.

FY 2013 MSAP Application Packet

Please note that the MSAP Application Package is for applicants to download and use as a guide only. Unless the applicant qualifies for an exception to the electronic submission requirement, all MSAP grant applications must be submitted electronically via

FY 2013 MSAP Application Packet download files MS Word (920KB)

Required Application Forms

Please Note: most of these forms are already in the electronic application packet in Here is a list of the required forms that must be completed.

ED Form 424–Application for Federal Education Assistance (Form and Instructions)

ED Form 524–Budget Information, Non-Construction Programs

ED Form 524–Instructions

Standard Form 424B–Assurances, Non-Construction Programs Lobbying Form; Debarment, Suspension and Other Responsibility Matters; and Drug-Free Workplace Requirements

Standard Form LLL–Disclosure of Lobbying Activities

Survey on Ensuring Equal Opportunity for Applicants

Required Response to Section 427 of GEPA

Desegregation Plan Information Form (must retrieve from this application packet and submit as attachment)

Magnet Schools Assistance Program Assurances (must retrieve from this application packet and submit as attachment)

Required MSAP Tables

The enrollment data tables are fillable PDFs. They are not located in the application packet. They must be downloaded, completed electronically, and uploaded into the system as attachments. DO NOT SCAN THE COMPLETED FORMS. When downloading, please save the form by the correct name. For example, if you are completing Table #1, save the PDF as Table #1 and be sure to upload the correct tables.

Table 1 and 2 —LEA-Level Enrollment Data download files PDF (1.15MB)

Table 3 —Magnet School Enrollment Data download files PDF (1.13MB)

Table 4 —Feeder School Enrollment Data download files PDF (1.13MB)

Table 5 —Selection of Students-Competitive Preference Priority 3 download files PDF (555KB)

Table 6 —New or Revised Magnet School Projects-Competitive Preference Priority 2 download files PDF (579KB)