Native American English Learners Re-opened its Request for Information (RFI)

The U.S. Department of Education has now re-opened its request for information (RFI) on Native American English learners. The purpose of the RFI is to gather information pertaining to the identification and placement of Native American students who are English learners in language instruction educational programs. We developed this RFI to help State educational agencies, local educational agencies, schools, tribes, and other interested entities identify, share, and implement practices for accurately identifying Native American students who are English learners.

We received more than 30 responses to the first posting of the RFI in March 2013 and are re-opening the response period in order to give interested parties additional time to submit written responses. All of the responses will be available to the public.

You may access this document at the following link:

You may access instructions on how to respond at the following link:

Written submissions in response to this RFI must be received by the U. S. Department of Education on or before August 2, 2013.