OII’s National History Education Clearinghouse Contributes to 9/11 Resources Web Page

The Department of Education has launched a new Web page of resources for teaching about the events of September 11, 2001. The National History Education Clearinghouse, which is supported by OII, is one of four non-federal contributors of teaching materials on the new site. Also known as TeachingHistory.org, the clearinghouse is funded through OII’s Teaching American History grant program and serves as a comprehensive professional development center for history educators. The clearinghouse’s new resource page includes primary source archives related to September 11 as well as strategies for teaching emotionally charged subjects. Among the featured resources is the September 11 Digital Archive, a Website that contains more than 150,000 digital items, including over 40,000 e-mails and other electronic communications, an equal number of firsthand stories, and more than 15,000 digital images. Watch this space for another, more in-depth article on the clearinghouse in a few weeks.