Support for English Learners

If you’ve ever heard me speak at an event, you’ve probably heard me talking about growing up as an English learner, and how those experiences helped shaped who I am today. I’ve spent my career working with English learners and tackling issues of English language and literacy, and I’ve been passionate about putting these experiences to work in my current position at the Department.

Recently, the Department publicly shared its proposal to use the Enhanced Assessment Grants Program for developing an assessment for English language proficiency, and we’re seeking public comments on this proposal until February 7. We’re seeking to fund projects that will develop an English language proficiency assessment that’s based on standards that are aligned to a common set of career and college-ready standards – something our field really needs!  I’ll be speaking about this and other means of EL support at the Virginia ESL Supervisors Association Conference this evening in Richmond, VA.

I’m looking forward to moving forward with this program and seeing how we as a community of educators can best support our ELs.